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Is time limit order useful or not?


Here, I will take a research whether time limit order is useful or not.

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I usually make great loss.

You can see them if you read my article below.

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Scalping in 2020,May

Scalping in 2020,June

Scalping in 2020,July


Let's check the date when I made a great loss more than 100pips.



  1. Entry at 22:58:10 Exit at 23:07:18 Holding time 10mins 106.703ー106.805 -102pips stop loss


  1. Entry at 22:22:05 Exit at 23:30:23 Holding time   68mins 107.318ー107.136 -182pips stop loss
  2. Entry at 22:57:24 Exit at 23:30:23 Holding time   33mins 107.279ー107.136 -143pips stop loss
  3. Entry at 01:27:29 Exit at 02:49:09 Holding time   80mins 107.305ー107.180 -125pips stop loss
  4. Entry at 01:28:09 Exit at 02:49:09 Holding time   80mins 107.297ー107.180 -117pips stop loss
  5. Entry at 01:38:11 Exit at 02:49:09 Holding time   70mins 107.278ー107.180 -98  pips stop loss


  1. Entry at 22:41:51 Exit at 23:07:27 Holding time 25mins 107.258ー107.153 -105pips Market order
  2. Entry at 00:08:01 Exit at 05:02:22 Holding time 294mins 107.328ー107.180 -148pips stop loss
  3. Entry at 02:09:55 Exit at 05:02:22 Holding time 173mins 107.281ー107.180 -101pips stop loss


  1. Entry at 20:45:22 Exit at 21:05:32 Holding time   20mins 106.943ー106.853 -90  pips Market order
  2. Entry at 20:47:05 Exit at 21:56:14 Holding time   69mins 106.929ー106.753 -176pips Market order
  3. Entry at 20:52:02 Exit at 21:56:15 Holding time   64mins 106.905ー106.753 -152pips Market order

In spite of scalping, do I hold too much😱・・・❗❓


Do I have to limit the holding time because what I do is scalping❓❓

Rough idea

  1. Set the holding time for 5, 10, 30, 60, 120mins.
  2. If the time reached, market order is filled instantly.
  3. The market order rate is determined subjectively by watching my video.
  4. Apply all the day when the video is available.

👉The 282 positions are qualified.


First of all, I made an Excel spreadsheet which wrapping up whole of the 282 positions.


Then, calculae the holding time and extract the trades which exceed each setting time.f:id:zyakusyotrader:20200716234251p:plain

The ⚫ marked position should be cut as time limit order, so let's check it in video!!


10 mins of time limit order

If you want to see the result, check the button below please🙏


Watch the result!!



In short・・・

10 mins time limit order lessen 340pips of losses.

42 out of 282 positions are qualified.


30 mins time limit order


14 out of 282 positions. I can lessen 380pips of loss.


One hour time limit order


7 out of 282 positions. I can lessen 390pips of loss.


5 mins time limit order

80% of 282 positions' holding time are less than 5 mins.


82 out of 282 positions. I can lessen 430pips of loss.


Supplement#1.Gross profit per holding time

  • Less than 300secs      :+409pips
  • Between 300secs and 600secs :-85pips
  • Between 600secs and 900secs :-52pips
  • Between 900secs and 1200secs :-37pips
  • Between 1200secs and 1800secs:-271pips
  • Between 1800secs and 3600secs:113pips
  • More than 3600secs       :-532pips

Supplement#2.Distribution of holding time


(Positions from 2020/5/19 are qualified.)

Average holding time:481.26secs (362.91secs~599.62secs)

See the fine-tuned histogram!!



Extreme datas are excluded.

Datas are simply alligned and cut off when they are roughly the normal distribution.


Cutting off time is 720secs.

Cutting off pip is plus or minus70pips.



Supplement#3. Relation between profit and holding time

 Below is the relation between holding time and profit.


What is suggested❓

👉There is no relation until 12 mins. That means,

 You can hold as much as 12 mins.



About 80% of the positions are executed within 5mins and these positions are totally made profit.

Holding more than one hour is not good.

    👉If time limit order is executed at one hour, 600pips of losses is lessen.

Most of the position held more than five minutes made loss.



I should close my position within 12 minutes.

The optimal strategy is

10 minutes order is needed as a safeguard.

However, I should close my position within 5 minutes.

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