USD/JPY Scalping in Seconds!! by Zyakusyo-Trader

Also, cryptocurrencies and long term trading!!

Zyakusyo-Trader is here!!

Nice to meet you all guys😍


English proficiency certification

The certification below confirms my level of English in Japan.

This level test is one of the most difficult ones in Japan.

This score is equivalent to

CEFR C1, TOEFL iBT 100, and IELTS 7.0-8.0.


I use my English ability for many things.

For example, I am a medical researcher, so I read lots of English journals.

In addition, as you know, I use it for my hobby of investment.

About my investment strategy

Target: Foreign Exchange (FX) and Cryptocurrency.


Crypto:BTC(Long term holding)

Also, in USD/JPY, I do long term trading.


  • 2020 May

I started my YouTube channel to show you my trade.

  • 2020 June

I also started Japanese Twitter and this website. 

  • 2020 July

My strategy changed dramatically.

That's why I started to use Tick Chart.

This is performed on TradingView; I subscribed Premium service.\


  • 2020 August

I started English Twitter.



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