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Scalping in 2020,July


Here, you can see my scalping results in July 2020.

Last Update:2020/08/16

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Last month, USD/JPY was above 108.000.

However, it was level fluctuated, after all.

Speaking of myself, I rehashed my YouTube channel.

Also, I started my Twitter and this website!!

Okay, let's begin!! 

July 1st (WED) +110pips

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July 2nd (THU) +80pips

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July 7th (TUE) +130pips

I should be strict to myself because it's really profitable today.

I usually fail easily if I am in too good a mood.

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July 8th (WED) +99pips

It was a tensive market waiting for the option cuts💦

Of course, that was an excellent experience for me😍

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July 9th (THU) -352pips

In the end, I was so apathetic that I astound myself.

I was able to liquidate one position's loss by accumulating small profits.

I will try not to deviate from my strategy, which I tweet before entering the market.

To prevent this deviation, from next time, I will put my strategy somewhere on the screen.

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July 14th (TUE) +112pips


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I astound that changing chart tool is so much effective😱

I was able to make a profit how I wanted to today.

I shouldn't have bought today💦

July 15th (WED) +162pips

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Do not think this was profitable as you see pips!!

This trade made lots amount of losses, in fact.

Today all I did was buying because of an anticipation of bearish rather than bullish.

Yes, that was right.


  • I held too much time ( I should stay at most for 10mins)
  • Another position was too close! ( At least 50pips away is needed.)

To improve, 

  • I must set a time limit order.

I studied whether the time limit is reliable or not, but this article is coming soon for translating.


July 21st (TUE) +91pips

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I was able to follow the time limit rule.


For me, this market was kind of cruel.

Besides myself, I did not have any time of bad mood and a good mood.

This means I do not consider each position's profit or loss.


 July 22nd (WED) +7pips

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For the first time since I started trading, I thought it was really cautious about my closing positions.

July 23rd (THU) +46pips

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I won 27 times, lost 25 times, and halved 3 times in the end.

I made a profit even if I lost half of my trade.

This is my ideal result of trading.

I set my entry point and exit point simultaneously, which wasn't be moved.


July 28th (TUE) +287pips

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Today, most people, including famous Japanese analysts, presumed that market would be further bearish ,and the price would break105.000 down.

However, in terms of scalping, I tried to exclude this presumption as much as I can.

That's why I was able to make a profit at 22:30 with strongly bullish.

Besides, I was able to take a decent amount of risk and made a decent profit.

I hope to continue this kind of trading... 

July 29th (WED) -389pips

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I failed because I held too long.

However, even this trade saved approximately 300pips.

The maximum drawdown was 700pips, how terrible was this!!

I realized again that I shouldn't do day trading.

I would like to be consistent in limiting the time of opening time within 10 mins.


July 30th (THU) +230pips

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I was able to learn from my yesterday's failure😍


On a regular basis, I do not trade on MON and TUE.


We do not know anything about price actions.

Will it continue from last week?

Or will the new price action start?

Nothing! The market only knows.


Some weird and unexpected price actions will happen.

Mainly because of closing the position.

July 13th (MON) +8pips

I subscribed to TradingView Premium, so I invented a new strategy based on this.

I only use Tradingview's chart.

Today was test trade of that strategy.

The result was fantastic because it made no profit.


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July 17th (FRI) -961pips

Well, what happeed??😱

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I made up my mind to set a time limit order after 10 minutes.

This time, I had wanted to make a practice of that execution.

※This is the reason👉時間指定決済すべき?(please wait for the translation!!)

Yes, scientifically, I must close any positions within 10 minutes.

In spite of that, I couldn't do that about the ones encompassed by the red square above.

This embodies the theory, you know, "The Prospect Theory."

July 24th (FRI) +149pips

Well, what happened??😀

Okay, now let's see the result.

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I only sold regularly, about 106.000.

The maximum profit was 350 pips, but I continued seeking further benefit.

Finally, I was able to finish in a moderate point.



July 27th(MON) +70pips

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I did both buy and sell in this bearish market.

The reason why I made a profit was, I didn't wait for large profit and closed my position at a moderate point.



Wrapping Up This Month!!

The overall profit was slightly a minus.

However, the overall profit in pips was plus.

Let's make hope for August!!



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