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Swing Trades in 2020


Last Update:2020/09/23 23:30

Swing Trades 

 I do not update this page regularly, because I mainly do scalping.

There will be updates if I open or close positions.
Anyway, thanks for coming and watching!

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1.From May 6th to May 13th.


2.From May 18th to June 8th.


The USD/JPYdescended dramatically at once.

That's why I closed this position while I have profits.

3.From June 24th to 


Stop Loss is set on 105.05

2020/6/30 Half of their stop loss was changed to 107.500.

3-1.Half of their stop loss was execute.

I will hold half another even if the price will be below 106.000.

3-2.Closed positions.


In spite of saying that I would hold even if it be below 106.000,

I closed at the original point.

This is because there was a much possibility of its breaking 106.000 down.


4.From June 24th to August 28th.


Then, I opened my position again.

In terms of trading USD/JPY as a swing trade, I do not open other than buying.

Holding a sell position just makes swap loss.

There seems to be astonishing bearish in the long term, but that bearish is not enough for me to sell USD/JPY with paying this swap loss cost.

The amount was a hundred, and I would like to buy another a hundred if the price broke 105.000 down.

 4. Closed postion.


I closed my position without thinking twice, because the Japanese PM Sinzo Abe decided to retire.

I strongly express grateful for his 7yrs and 8months' administration.

5.From Semptember 16th


I just bought 50 USD/JPY.

That's why I will hold this postion until the price will be below 100. 

6.From November 5th


Half kidding, but this order was executed.

I will hold this for years.

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