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Assessment from May to June 2020


 I would like to analyze the price action from May to June.

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Ascending after breaking out the triangle in weekly chart, wasn't it?



This breakout was not so long.

I assumed this lasted for at least a month, and the price will reach 110.000.

However, it reversed at the level of 200W EMA.



How did I do to forecast this reversal and place myself from bullish to bearish??

Scenario 1.Judging by watching at 1D chart.

We can realize it turned out to the downtrend, on June 11th if earliest.

Then, we can not exit. That's too bad.

Scenario 4H chart

Scenario 1H chart


Then, how about judging from 4H or 1H?

In this picture above, the thick arrow is the sign formed at 4H.

The L shaped arrow is the one formed at 1H.

The blue zone is trading time.



Comparing 1H from 4H, will the signal multiply by 4 times?

The result is the same.


If I follow 4H, both June 9th and 11th are bearish.

If I follow 1H, June 9th was bullish, while 11th was bearish.

In my opinion, it is not so important which one you use.


I should not have traded on June 8th.

It's Monday, the day I shouldn't trade.

It seemed accurate if you see the picture below.

Massive unexpected price action happened.







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