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Scalping in 2020,June


Here, you can see my scalping results in June 2020.

Last Update:2020/07/01 25:53

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June 2nd (TUE) +111pips

Bullish anyway.

I earned well because I noticed that.

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June 3rd (WED) +18pips

I failed. This is because I took the wrong position I didn't want.

This is in terms of wide spread by the NFP.

I should have expanded my Stop Loss points.

After all, I was able to recoup.

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June 4th(THU) +52pips

It was good because it finished before economic events.

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June 9th (TUE) -244pips

Much losses I made.

I bought persistently without watching the long term candlesticks.

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June 10th (WED) -2pips

Seems good for recouping a vast amount of losses.

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June 11th (THU) -261pips

It was far from scalping.

I should cool down myself.

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June 16th (TUE) +75pips

I made up my mind to study the way of scalping.

That's why I invented a new strategy from today.

I don't know it was good or not today, though.

I will follow this strategy at least for a month to assess.

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June 17th (WED) -666pips

I was in the bullish side, and it was right at first.

I should search for the points where it turned to bearish.

Can you see the red square in the pictures below?

These are the ones far from scalping and holding for more than half minutes.

The scalping itself was not so bad when you see my result, excluding the red square ones.


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June 18th (THU) No positions.

On second thought, I made up mind not to trade today.

I did other things in replacing.

June 23rd (TUE) +63pips

There was a slight modification to my strategy.

Firstly, I augmented my lots to trade.

Secondly, I set a rule to trade somehow automatic-like.


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June 24th(WED) +167pips

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June 25th (THU) -49pips

Today, I didn't enjoy my trades.

I should not have traded today.

If you want to watch today's video, watch directly from my YouTube channel.

This is bacause, this trade has no value to watch...

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June 30th (TUE) +168pips

I was able to follow the golden rule about the market, which was breakout as you know.

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On a regular basis, I do not trade on MON and TUE.


We do not know anything about price actions.

Will it continue from last week?

Or will the new price action start?

Nothing! The market only knows.


Some weird and unexpected price actions will happen.

Mainly because of closing the position.

June 19th (FRI) +29pips

This was out-of-rule trade.

The reason I traded was, I wanted to apply the new strategy I mentioned before.

I think it will work after all.

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You can see my entries and exits in this picture below.



My last month's trades!




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