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Scalping in 2020,August


Here, you can see my scalping results in Augut 2020.

Last Update:2020/07/10

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July ended, and August started.

This troublesome 2020 rests only four months to finish.

Last month, I grew up so much.

I would like to confirm my growth this month. 


August 4th (TUE) +75pips

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It was not so but, because it's just made a profit at last.

I was trading nonchalant even if I made a great loss at single trade.

I didn't think so much, both profit and loss.


August 5th (WED) +106pips

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I traded in the amount of 2 lots.

In this market, all you had to do was seemed just sell, but that's too bad.

This is because my strategy is scalping, so I did both buy and sell.


August 6th (THU) -617pips

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The problem was not in my scalping.

The problem was the position which I opened too long.


August 11th (TUE) +55pips

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I set a time limit of 20mins to determine whether to continue or not.

This is explained in my other article, so please check if you like it.

(Though it is in Japanese and waits for my translating...🙏)



August 12th (WED) -258pips

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I should have taken into a further consideration when 20mins passed.

From now, the strict rule of...

  • Taking a recess→ over 100pips loss
  • Able to continue→within 100pips loss


Today's market was really voracious.

Both buyer and seller were seemed to make a great loss.

August 13th (THU) -157pips

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Too sluuuuuuuuuugish market.

That sluggish made every mistake.

That's all for today.



August 18th (TUE)+127pips

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I applied my 20mins rule strictly.

When 20mins passed, I made some profit.

That's why I continued another 40mins until 60mins.

At 60mins, I finished my trade as I planned to.

The profit is not so bad.

August 19th (WED)-401pips

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My contrarian attitude all brought about today's result.
On the other hand, my strategy was perfect.
I would continue trading for another two hours before.
That's why I now realize

the importance of limiting the time for trading.
The profit I put much importance is at the end of 2021.
So, I do not concern about each day's trade recently.
All I do is just trading without thinking about other nuisance things.
That's why I shut down information more strictly.
I should embrace my own perspective on the market.

August 20th(THU)-221pips

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That's my usual attitude. That'all.

August 25th(TUE)+76pips

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I excluded every meaningless positions.

I opened positions only where I exactly knew.

I only traded with one lot.

That's all for today.

August 26th(WED)-53pips

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Within 20 minutes, was this the first time I was able to finish my trade.

I truly realized there was no reason to continue.

I should be more patient.

Today, I should have waited more at two points.

August 27th(THU)+173pips

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The final trading in this month.

This trade was all about in this month.

I do not use information from others, trust only myself, and do not make trading like a video game.

Next month, I would be more cool about trading.

On a regular basis, I do not trade on MON and TUE.


We do not know anything about price actions.

Will it continue from last week?

Or will the new price action start?

Nothing! The market only knows.


Some weird and unexpected price actions will happen.

Mainly because of closing the position.

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