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Scalping in 2020,September


Here, you can see my scalping results in September 2020.

Last Update:2020/09/23

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It's September.

It has been 3 months since I started my YouTube channel.

I rehashed many times, and I think it's the best attitude for me now. 

Semptember 1st (TUE) -9pips

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It was good rather than bad.

This is because, I just liquidate losses by the economic event's strong bullish.

The reason for losing was my dullness for setting the exit point.

I set the s/l of 30pips and I heavily counted on it. That is really unfavorable propensity.


Semptember 2nd (WED) +11pips

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Today, I experienced the normal trading for the first time.

Nothing dramatic happened.

Semptember 3rd (THU) -60pips

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I need another strategy especially for the market when in range.

Semptember 8th (TUE) +39pips

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The trade was good, bad I took a super silly mistake today.

Also, there were some time that I could have pursued my profit.

I will solve this problem by an additional strategy, which I am now thinking of...

Semptember 9th (WED) -66pips

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As usual, nothing interesting happened.

From this time, the channel I drew was automatic calculated regression.

If I continue this and seems not-working, I will be back to the original one.

Semptember 10th (THU) +7pips

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Today, I learned further about the automatic regression tool.

I will try this for another weeks.

Semptember 15th (TUE) -81pips

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Today, my trading was far from enthusiastic.

I didn't know at all about today's price action.

Just forget everything, and change my mind for tomorrow.

Semptember 16th (WED) -67pips

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I really wanted to quit ASAP today.

The market was really weird for me, mocking we individual investers.

If I don't have this channel, I will stop trading tomorrow. (Sigh)

Semptember 17th (THU) -53pips

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I do not care for the market I don't know.

Even if I don't want to, and others either, I just continue as I do.

Semptember 23rd (WED) -44pips

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I am still struggling with my strategy.

Of course this is because of discarding any useless information.

Today, I finished too early to edit, so you just enjoy my video slower than usual.

Oops!! I had a typo of Sep 23th instead of 23rd XD

Semptember 24th (THU) +34pips

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I made a profit for the first time in a few days.

However, I finished today because of being afraid of the FRB.

Semptember 29th (TUE) +38pips

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It's fall now.

US president election is upcoming!!

Of course it's OK to have no position, but I myself continue trading.

Semptember 30th (WED) +22pips

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Today, I forgot the economic events.

It wasn't the important mater, but I shouldn't have forgotten.


The general profit was -261pips.

This is not bad, and not good either.

However, I was able to trade as much nonchalant as I can.

On a regular basis, I do not trade on MON and TUE.


We do not know anything about price actions.

Will it continue from last week?

Or will the new price action start?

Nothing! The market only knows.


Some weird and unexpected price actions will happen.

Mainly because of closing the position.

See my old records below!!

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