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Scalping in 2020,October


Thanks for coming and watching!

Make yourself at home! It's October.

I rehashed many times, and I think it's the best attitude for me now. 

I will continue that attitude also in this month.

October 1st (THU) -47pips

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It's not good to defend the trend.

That'all. Thanks.

October 6th (TUE) -38pips

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I don't exactly say it, but these days, the market seems uncanny.

All the reason I did today was just to have an experience.

October 7th (WED) -30pips

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I couldn't help close my position ASAP by my confidential and coward attitude.

October 8th (THU) +11pips

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After the recording, the price plunged dramatically.

That's why I thought I made a success today

by escaping from the market.

October 13th (TUE) -29pips

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This trading is of course performed "in seconds".

However, I am also watching another Charts like 4H, 1m and so on.

I am using dual screen, so if you like it, I would like to show that.

Would you like to? If then, please comment about this.

October 14th (WED) -2pips

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Today, I showed you my dual screen.

If there's no problem, I would like to continue this style.

October 15th (THU) -21pips

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I should be more confident about my strategy.

From the next time, more strict s/l will be set.

October 20th (TUE) -7pips

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The reason why I closed my last position was no reasonable.

I just thought to close because something seemed went wrong.

Today, I close all the positions at the loss within 20pips.

October 21st (WED) +34pips

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This comment is usually filled with negative ones.
However, even I have a moment which goes well.
Today was that kind of trading.
In this case, I finished ASAP because there's little things to learn from success.

October 22nd (THU) +46pips

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Today I achieved a good result.
However, it isn't the trade of Great Profits...
I will try next week.

October 27th (TUE) -11pips

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I am getting used to this strategy these days.
How and when to win, lose, finish ,etc.
No matter how much I trade, I would not be boastful.
Just doing practice and practice, which I need now.

October 28th (WED) +22pips

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I found asleep when I woke up right before the trade by 10 minutes.
However dozy was I, I just do my best.

October 29th (THU) -37pips

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I got sick of the weird price action today.
Hmm... need more patience.

Wrap up

The gross profit was -107 pips.
I am now forming my own way of trading.
In November, I will develop that style to assimilate with myself.

On a regular basis, I do not trade on MON and TUE.


We do not know anything about price actions.

Will it continue from last week?

Or will the new price action start?

Nothing! The market only knows.


Some weird and unexpected price actions will happen.

Mainly because of closing the position.

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