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Scalping in 2020,November


Thanks for coming and watching!

Make yourself at home! It's November.


Summer time is finished. 

Also, there's only two month in this year.

I should do well in both my real life and this activity.

November 3rd (TUE) +21pips

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President election is now coming!!

Which is the next president??

I will know this by watching U.S. media, not Japanese one.

November 4th (WED) -14pips

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The gross profit was minus at the end.

However, I recoup my great loss today.

That's why I think I feel myself a little more confident.

November 5th (THU) +6pips

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Today, I had made a great profit in the middle.

However, I continued because I would like to practice.

Knowing myself is more important than making money.

November 10th (TUE) -11pips

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Today, I was satisfied with my trading.

Yet there are some problems to solve, things are so far so going well.

November 11th (WED) +1pips

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This was the best trade in my four months' trading.

S/L was good, and I was able to hold positions for only a few seconds.

November 12th (THU) -64pips

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Today was bad at the first time in long.

Yes, there is a day like this.

The important thing is

to make this experience for my improvement.

November 17th (TUE) +31pips

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Today, my s/l point was loose again.

The only reason I made profits was by the market's trend fitting me.

November 18th (WED) +13pips

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Today, I made profits after all.

The s/l was stricter than yesterday, and strategy was wholly good.

I was poor at bearish market, but now I have confidence with coping with it.

November 19th (THU) -10pips

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Well, I was satisfied with today's trading.

What do you think makes trading a precious time?

For me, it's experience.

November 24th (TUE) -25pips

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I should have been prepared much.

Analyses, s/l, editing... everything was poor.

November 25th (WED) +2pips

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I want to reach a new level. First of all, I rehashed my video.

November 26th (THU) -33pips

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Today's assessment

1.S/L    OK

2.TP    Good

3.Endpoint Terrible

Wrap up

This month's gross profit was -83 pips.

Getting used to everything, I will challenge new stage from next month.

On a regular basis, I do not trade on MON and TUE.


We do not know anything about price actions.

Will it continue from last week?

Or will the new price action start?

Nothing! The market only knows.


Some weird and unexpected price actions will happen.

Mainly because of closing the position.

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